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Mango Studios X-Crafts E-175 Sound Pack


This soundpack completely reworks all of the sounds for the X-Crafts E-175.

X-Crafts E-175 Soundpack Feature List:
X-Plane 12/11 Compatibility included

Custom Sounds for Exterior Aircraft Systems
-APU, Hydraulic Pumps, Fuel Pumps, Packs, etc
External Environmental sounds, including light and hard rain
Custom Engine Sounds for the GE-CF34 Engines
-Exterior start-up/shut-down sound effects
-Exterior spool-up/spool-down sound effects
-Exterior backblast, surround sound, and flyby sound effects

Custom Sounds for cockpit switches, buttons, covers, knobs, and handles
-Overhead Panel, Pedestal Panel, Autopilot Panel, and Eicas Panel all reworked
Custom Cockpit System Sounds Including
-Higher Quality GPWS Sounds, from 2500ft to 5ft aural warnings.
-Higher Quality Embraer Warning Sounds
-Higher quality and realistic Battery, packs, wipers, and avionics generator effects
Custom, and ultra-realistic cockpit environmental effects
-High-Quality landing gear roll, cockpit rattle effect, gear retraction, gear extension, gear drag, and cockpit wind.
New cabin effects include
-New Air conditioning effect, Fuel pump, Hydraulic Pump, Flaps, Slats
Custom Interior sounds for the GE-CF34 Engines, which include:
-New custom, interior startup/shutdown sound effects
-New custom, interior spool-up/spool-down sound effects
-New custom, interior backblast, surround sound, and flyby sound effects

It brings installation instructions to make your installation more manageable, and a manual to bring you up to speed on how to customize your volume in the volume menu.